Atradius offers invoice verification in Sweden

Invoice Verification is a simple and cost effective service allowing a factoring company to check and confirm that the business transactions/invoices from its client are indeed valid and due.

There are circumstances when a factoring company would like to verify its invoices. This may be:

  • Validation on the invoice integrity required prior to offering finances to a supplier,
  • An on-going audit program to check invoices raised by clients or,
  • A full scale review of the financed portfolio when concerns arise over the client’s ability to maintain adequate credit management of the financed receivables.

Whatever the context, verifying your financed portfolio is always important. Invoice Verification ensures that your financed portfolio is based on legitimate invoices due to be paid by legitimate buyers.

Accessing Invoice Verification will lead to the following results:

  • Fraud prevention;
  • Increased capability to finance or take risk on client portfolio;
  • Enhanced risk mitigation process and minimize operational losses;
  • Security in financing international trade;

Benefitting from the global network of Atradius Collections, you are able to verify business transactions/invoices in 96% of the world, in 70% of the world’s spoken languages.