EU Factoring and Commercial Finance grew by 7.5% in first half of 2014

Data for the first half year of 2014 collated and analysed by the EU Federation for the Factoring and Commercial Finance Industry (EUF) show that factoring and commercial finance volumes grew in the first half 2014.

For the period measured, the overall increase was 7.55% compared to 3.6% for the same period in the preceding year. Based on the latest GDP figures from Eurostat, average market penetration increased to approximately 10%.

As before, the detailed position was mixed, with some economies faring better than others. What is common to all countries is the increasingly visible benefit of access to this flexible working capital funding for businesses from SME to large corporate, which supports the real economy and employment.

Please read the full text of press release here: Factoring and Commercial Finance 2014 Interim