IFG Global Industry Activity Report 2013

IFG’s eagerly awaited Global Industry Activity Report for 2013 is now complete!

Reports from over 60 countries have been collated and analysed to give a picture of the global Factoring and Commercial Finance Industry which is unequalled in depth and insight anywhere else.

As well as considering the fundamentals of trade, reporting overall turnover and advances, it again considers GDP penetration, market structures and shares, and brings its unique perspective with the analysis of country respondents’ opinions on a range of Industry trends and issues.

Headlines from the survey indicate:

  • That the global industry volume in 2013 increased by around 3% to reach a record level of €2.2 Trillion.
  • Nearly €340 Billion is being advanced to meet the working capital needs of around 530,000 businesses, ranging from near start up SMEs to global multinational corporates.
  • There are nearly 3000 scale providers employing in the region of 54,000 people.
  • The largest traditional market remains the UK and Ireland at €330Bn but the asset based lending approach in China is estimated to have grown to approaching €378Bn.
  • The Industry continues to be highly concentrated, with the top five providers in each market averaging over 80% of the volume.
  • Bank owned business continue to dominate the markets.
  • Europe remains the largest zone with 60% of business, whilst Asia is now approaching 30% of volume.
  • Domestic business continues to dominate but where reported, Export (12%) and Import business (3%) are significant elements.
  • Respondents report increasing awareness with 15% seeing it as high and 62% as medium level
  • Three quarters of respondents are confident of increasing demand.
  • The large majority (75%) see the development outlook for the industry as positive.

See the IFG website under Industry Information for more analysis and in depth review.

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