Ny medlem och strategisk partner till Svenskfactoring – INTERNATIONAL FACTORS GROUP SCRL



IFG is the global Trade Association for the Factoring and Commercial Finance Industry, which serves and represents the interests of the factoring, commercial finance and asset based finance industry on a global basis.

Since 1963, IFG supports its Members in building their own business and in performing successful international operations through its Two-Factor system system connecting together correspondent Factors in different countries.

It brings together all kinds of like-minded industry players, from start-ups in emerging markets to the largest providers in developed markets to network, educate and influence, with a common goal of building the reach and impact of the industry to support economies, growth and employment.

The cooperation agreement between IFG and Svenskfactoring, c/o Fintura Management AB will enhance both companies services to the members of their respective organisations. SvenskFactoring members will gain greater insight of happenings in the world of factoring and IFG members will be able to learn more about the factoring business in Sweden.


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