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BCR is a leading provider of news, events, market intelligence and training for the trade receivables finance industry.

BCR-LogoFormed in 1992, BCR works with industry leading organisations, experts, governments and universities, to deliver expertise in receivables finance to a global audience.


BCR delivers events tailored to the needs of senior level executives in the  receivables finance industry. Our flagship annual event, ‘Receivables Finance International’ (RFIx), was launched in 2001.

RFIx has been held in  Amsterdam, Singapore, Prague, Copenhagen, Bangkok, Paris, Madrid, Vienna, Istanbul, London, Frankfurt, Rome and Warsaw.

The 2014 RFIX event in Warsaw attracted over 150 professionals from 31 countries to interact, network and examine the issues in the fast changing  receivables finance industry.

Upcoming events:

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Market Intelligence
BCR works with leading experts and trade groups to produce in depth-market intelligence in factoring, receivables and supply chain finance.

Leading industry bodies that BCR have worked with include:
  • Factors Chain International
  • The World Bank
  • Asset Based Finance Association
  • International Factors Group
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • International Finance Corporation (IFC)
BCR’s flagship market intelligence publications are:

  • The World Factoring Yearbook
  • The World Supply Chain Finance Yearbook